Calf milk and colostrum pasteurisation is one of the most crucial things you can do to maintain the health of your calves.
G Shepherd Animal Health have brought to the UK and Ireland the very first technology to batch pasteurise colostrum and waste milk on your own farm. 

The machines have been tried and tested in the USA over the last 18 years and it has proved to be a potent tool to improve herd health. 

We have a comprehensive range of calf care products that will protect your calves against common calf health problems and help prevent diseases including Johne’s, Tuberculosis and Mastitis. 

All our calf pasteurisation products have been manufactured by industry renowned brands like Dairytech and Duecinox; giving you peace of mind your farm is in safe, reputable hands.

For all your Colostrum and Milk Pasteurising needs, look no further than the experts.

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