Here you will find our specially chosen selection of Cattle health products, for everything from calving to nutrition, colostrum management to udder health. 

We’ve made our reputation on helping farmers across the UK take care of their cattle’s health. With years of experience in veterinary practice, herd management and agriculture, we know how to find the very best products on the market. We only sell what we would use ourselves.

Whether you’re looking for milk and colostrum pasteurisers, products for calf care, treatments for diseases and afflictions like fluke and worms, or cattle feeding products, we’ve got only the best for you.

For calving time, it’s essential to take extra care over your animals’ health. We have products to take care of udder health, and milk fever. We also have a complete range of colostrum products, from pasteurisers and feeders, to powders and supplements.

For breeding cattle, we have everything that’s needed, including mineral supplements & heat detection aids in the form of glue on rub-off patches, and we also offer advice and consultancy.

We’ve picked high quality & practical feeding products, from salt licks to minerals and calf milk replacer. Both silage and slurry quality can be improved by inoculation with specific strains of bacteria.

For information and advice on how to maintain your cattle health, or to find solutions to common cattle health problems,call 01772 690131, visit our Health Info Centre, or check out our "Interactive Calf'.