Pro-BOOST Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder

Pro-BOOST Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder

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A powdered supplement containing good bacteria and also pre-biotics, that can be added to the milk feed or dry feed on a daily basis.

The probiotic "good bugs" multiple to populate the gut and the pre-biotics help the growth of the animals own good bacteria.

Designed to improve the health of lambs, piglets, calves and young cattle, especially their gut health.

Helping reduce diarrhoea, scour, watery mouth disease, in conjunction with good hygiene and plenty of colostrum.

It should be fed before and during a period of stress e.g. transport, weaning, or when disease is a risk, e.g. your typical age for scours.

Pro-BOOST can be mixed with colostrum from the first feed to help populate the gut with good bacteria and compete with bad pathogenic bacteria.

For pet-lambs on milk replacer and calves on the bucket, Pro-BOOST can be added daily to the liquid feed at the following rates:-

LAMBS & KIDS    5 gram daily

CALVES                10 gram daily

PIGLETS               20gram daily per litter mixed into the creep feed

GROWING & ADULT CATTLE   20 gram daily.


A Woodhouse , Cumbria 10/05/2024

Pro-BOOST got our calves right. We seemed to be doing everything but still had problems with pneumonia.
We were going to put fams in, but didnt in the end. Pro-BOOST semms to have improved the calves immunity. We are very happy with the calves now

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