Sweet TEATS Blue Teat Dip & Spray

Sweet TEATS Blue Teat Dip & Spray

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  • Sweet TEATS Blue is suitable for dairy pre-milking and/or post-milking.
  • East to use as a foam, dip or spray – just wipe teats before attaching cluster when used pre-milking.
  • Great for teat condition – the correct level of emollient is used; not too much, not too little.
  • Very economical in use  – no unnecessary thickeners are added.
  • Dual-action antibacterial and anti-microbial disinfection from both Chlorhexidine and Lactic Acid.
  • Available for delivery on-farm in 25L, 200L , 4 x 200L and 1000L sizes.
  • Discounts are available on 25L and 200L quantities when being supplied as part of a mixed pallet – call us for rates when supplied as part of a mixed pallet.
  • Where foam application is preferred a foaming lance available to automatically create foam – rotary and static parlour options available.
  • Two versions of new Sweet TEATS Blue are available. “Clear” has a foaming ingredient which adds a physical cleaning action and is preferred by some farmers. “Gold” has no enhanced foaming capabilities and gives a price saving- phone for details

​​Please CLICK HERE to see the video of new Sweet TEATS Blue in use.



Giles Rowland , Ruthin, Wales 02/08/2023

Giles Rowland farms in partnership with his brother Leo, in North Wales near the town of Ruthin. They milk 420 cows three times a day through a rotary parlour, supplying milk to The Co-Op.
“I have used G Shepherd Animal Health’s “Sweet TEATS” pre and post teat dip for five years. Spraying the cows on entry and exit to the parlour, we used one IBC a month, so they were building up in numbers and they were in very good condition, so I wanted to find a way of reusing them,” says Mr Rowland.
“Graham took 14 of the IBCs, which were reused. We’re very keen to do the right thing and lower our carbon footprint, particularly with packaging - it’s incredible how it accumulates so it was good to work with a business that can be bothered.”

George Morgan, Abergele, N. Wales 02/08/2023

George milks with his parents on a spring calving grass-heavy system. He says,
“ Since using Sweet TEATS from G Shepherd Animal Health our cell count has also dropped to around 140. We spray with a hand sprayer, both pre and post milking.
Our latest results are146 and 131.
Mastitis incidence is very low, around 5 cases per 100 cows/year. And teat condition is excellent, even currently, at turnout, when teats traditionally used be dry and chapped due to wind.
Ordering and delivery is quick and efficient. “

Mr Pratt, Staffordshire 25/04/2023

They have been using SweetTeats for around a year. He milks twice a day through a herringbone parlour.
"I was struggling with mastitis and cell counts and saw this product advertised from G Shepherd Animal Health. When I started using it pre-milking, through a sprayer, I very quickly noticed a reduced mastitis incidence (currently around 22 cases/100 cows/year) and my cell counts lowered (around 120). Teats are sprayed and dry wiped using paper towels. Teats are very clean at cluster attachment and in good condition, and milk let down is good"

Martin Sales, Staffs 21/04/2023

"This is a cost effective, and quality product, which provides ease of use, with its visibility and the option to dip,spray or foam, and the all-important teat skincare."

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