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Johne’s Disease is a constantly growing problem for farmers and their livestock.

The disease has become the most commonly diagnosed problem amongst adult cattle, and it’s estimated that one third of British dairy herds are infected with Johne’s disease.

The disease, formally known as paratuberculosis, is caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp.paratuberculosis. The infection causes problems with cattle’s intestines, causing greatly reduced intake of nutrients. This causes diarrhoea and wasting, with the disease getting progressively worse until the cow dies.

To complicate the matter, many cows may be infected with Johne’s Disease without showing any symptoms. While the overall death rate may be 1% of infected animals, infection is easily spread and can quickly be found across whole herds.

Without an easy means of diagnosis, and with symptoms that are shared with other diseases, Johne’s disease is a very real ‘hidden threat’ to livestock around the world. You can reduce exposure to the disease through milk and Colostrum Pasteurisation, as well as blood testing in cattle.

The disease is a complicated subject and diagnosis can be difficult, so it’s important to know your stuff, or to find someone who does.

G Shepherd Animal Health have spent years studying the problem, and we keep ourselves properly updated with the current research in order to give you the most reliable advice in diagnosis and prevention in Johne’s Disease.

Here are the latest facts about Johne’s Disease. If you’re worried about your herd, please give our team of veterinary experts a call on 01772 690131.

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