Calf Health Problems

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Welcome to G Shepherd Animal Health here you will find all the relevant information on calf health problems including, scour, ill thrift, pneumonia and much more.

We’ve made our reputation on helping farmers across the UK take care of their cattle’s health. For calving time, it’s vital to take extra care over your animals’ health. We offer an extensive range of Cattle Health Products, specifically to aid Calf Care.

Maintaining your calf’s health will ensure acceptable standards of animal welfare are in order, as well as maximising the productivity of your herd.

Look after your cows properly and monitor them regularly for signs of illness with our help. This page lists all the potential calf health problems you should know about as well as the symptoms you need to watch out for and treatments to avoid an outbreak.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for or need some expert veterinary advice, please call 01772 690131. Stay up to date on all the latest industry news here and check out our fun ‘Interactive Calf’ for more help and advice. 

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